RSS Torrent Feed Aggregator
Windows Installer: AlagornInstaller10426.exe    NullSoft Scriptable Install 3.0b1


Alagorn is an RSS Torrent Feed Aggreation Program. Point Alagorn at your favorite Torrent Website RSS Feed(s) and Alagorn will pull the RSS Feed into a highly customizable local database. Alagorn gives you the flexible power to search, sort, categorize, set your own powerful expression filters - and allow you to filtrate down to exactly the RSS torrents you want to download on your timeframe. Instantly filter on your favorite TV or TALK SHOW episodes and download them automatically - or send them to a queue to be reviewed. Powerful Title and Expression Set matching for Titles and episodal series make it easy to pull what you want automatically.

Alagorn IS NOT a Torrent Application. Alagorn does not store .Torrent files nor will alagorn download actual Torrents. Alagorn is not a tracker nor a Torrent sharing application. Alagorn stores RSS links to Torrent Sites that provide the Torrent for you. You will need a Torrent Application to download Torrents.

There are no Torrents or Trackers on this website or forums. There are no links to Torrents or Trackers here.

  • Feeds: Create highly customizable RSS Torrent Feeds with Categories, pull delays in minutes and how long to keep torrents in your database.
  • Feeds: Activate and Deactivate feeds with ease.
  • Filters: Filter on Starting and Ending Series.
  • Filters: A built in customizable regular-expression matching set allowing you to match exactly the title you want for both TV, TALK SHOWS and more. Need a new expression set? Create one!
  • Filters: Full History Database maintained of all torrents downloaded with the ability to modify the history - and even add your own local files to it preventing duplicate downloading and bandwith costs.
  • Filters: A highly customizable and easy to use filtration matching system giving you as simplistic or as complicated a logic on finding Torrent Titles. Want to filter on 720p but not RAR? Easily done.
  • Filters: Create your own Categories to match Torrent Titles.
  • Filters: Ability to send all matching torrents to a Torrent Program -OR- a Queue system for review.
  • Timers: Full view of current timing system of when to pull RSS Torrent Feeds with the ability to start and stop as you need.
  • Timers: Pull RSS feeds any time you want with a click of a button.
  • Torrents: RSS Feeds are pulled into a powerful database showing the Title of the torrents you want.
  • Torrents: Search, Sort, Categorize - giving you the ability to track down the episodes you want and build filters on the fly.
  • Torrents: Ability to download .Torrent immediately or send it to a Queue for later review. Select one or many to download at any given time.
  • Torrents: Copy the Title, Enclosure directly to the clipboard.
  • Torrents: Link directly to the Torrent website to inspect the torrent before downloading it.
  • Torrents: Torrents can be manually or automatically added to the Queue for your inspection.
  • Torrents: Full linkage either by create a .Torrent file -OR- passing a .Torrent to any Torrent Application you want.

Having trouble with an Alagorn Table Index? Download the Alagorn Table Repair Kit (Right Click-Save As, Extract to the Alagorn Directory)